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Ever enroll in a new health plan and you need to fill a prescription, and realize you don’t have your id card yet?   The pharmacist wants to charge you full price, even though you know your insurance coverage is in effect.  What is the best way to handle this?

Don’t lose your temper or get frustrated.   Understand that you have coverage, you just can’t prove it at the time and the pharmacy is just following their protocol.   Be willing to pay the prescription in full since you do in fact need it, but before you do ask a simple question of the pharmacist.   Can I bring my receipt back in during the next few days and have you re-run this; giving me my money back once you get paid by my health plan?   The answer will most assuredly be yes.

If you go this route, use a credit card.   Assuming your statement is not about to close, you can have the credit card front you the money and then use the reimbursed funds to pay them back.   You essentially get a zero interest loan to fix your pharmacy issue, get your prescription filled, and no one gets upset; especially you.

AUTHOR: Ernie Sweat is one of the foremost experts on health insurance matters and consumer advocacy.   He has spoken around the country and been published in articles nationally with requests of his expertise.   Keep an eye on this site as he will constantly add new material to help Americans navigate the very complicated health system.

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