United Health Care Utah provides a full spectrum of resources and services to help people achieve improved health and well-being. They design and operate organized health systems for individuals and employer groups. United Health Care Utah makes it simple for their customers, brokers, consumers and physicians. Their goal is to make it easier to understand and navigate the complex health care system – while helping to manage the effects of rising health care costs.

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With United Health Care Utah, you’ll find real, common-sense solutions for the challenges you face. And, you’ll see that they really are a different kind of health care company.

In 1999, United Health Care introduced its Care CoordinationSM program. The program focuses on improving the health of individuals by offering education, accelerated access to care, coordination of services, measurement of outcomes, and careful monitoring of individuals who have chronic and/or complicated medical conditions. Care CoordinationSM is now an entire system of proactive programs and services that help identify and fill the gaps in care that occur when a patient’s health care needs are not being met. They’re playing a significant role in managing the cost of health care by proactively supporting the small percentage of people who consume the most health care.

United Health Care of Utah is an innovative leader in the health and well-being industry, serving more than 50 million Americans through all stages of life. They contribute outstanding clinical insight with consumer-friendly services and advanced technology to help people achieve optimal health in the health and well-being industry.