Folks that don’t have access to EMPLOYER SPONSORED insurance plans

Can actually purchase their own insurance.  Many times, they can even find a better deal both in price and coverage due to the high cost of group health insurance offered by employers.  They can lump different types of insurances together such as health, critical illness, dental, vision or accident policies.  Some may even decide to just purchase stand alone dental or accident plans.  It’s all up to you to pick and choose what type of insurances you want.  We make it easy!

The following insurance carriers don’t require open enrollment

Some policy’s don’t require the annual open enrollment period specified by the Affordable Care Act which takes place just once every December for a January 1st set-up.  You can purchase coverage now as soon as midnight tonight! 

    1. United Health Care’s temp plans
    2. National General Insurance temp plans
    3. Some SelectHealth plans

Note: Temporary policies may not best suited or provide coverage for those with serious pre-existing medical conditions. Or those needing maternity coverage. Over the counter or prescribed medications are not covered. For those needing pre-existing medical conditions, maternity or expensive medications covered by a health insurance policy please visit