We create one consolidated and easy to understand “quote spreadsheet” for your situation.  We quote those employees for health insurance that you would want consideration.

We provide quotes from all reputable health insurance carriers including if you have current coverage. It will point out costly complacency issues that are manifested within your current insurance cost or what to avoid for first time buyers. We help align your specific benefit needs and insurance budget back to the “sweet spot”. We’ll rank insurance carriers in order of importance, to decipher which is the right fit that that can easily be stepped into. We work on your behalf in meeting with the various insurance underwriters to make a strong case as to why you should be awarded better rates and benefits. This really makes your job easier!

What is complacency costs? It’s several things like assumptions and averages calculated into your premium rather than projected healthy information.  This adds up every year where your current insurance source or broker simply gives you a renewal summary offer with little claims and profit ratio details. The devil is truly in the details and many do not work the details either at your coverage renewal time or at first time purchases. If it’s not aggressively worked from a disruption standpoint, you simply get an average number rather than the discounted number you deserve. If you’ve simply accepted what your insurance sources tell you every year then how do you know that every stone was upturned, every discount applied for growth assumptions and every underwritten option exercised?

What we need to provide you with pricing

  1. Ages or D.O.B for employees and their dependents
  2. Name and address of company
    NOTE:  No health questions will ever be asked under ACA compliance
  3. Email this data to us.  Please do not include last names of employees for privacy purposes and feel free to ask us for our PRIVACY AGREEMENT to review beforehand.
  4. Or call with any questions

We assist with your company’s transition.

We assist with your company’s transition into what we call the “winning insurance bid”. We install your plan the right way…the first time around…and even take care of getting credit to your employees for pre-deductibles met during the year. We handle service, billing, enrollment, claim, id card problems etc…so you don’t have to. We are more than your agent, we are your advocate.

Just a few of the 23 carriers we quote