We help you understand updates on compliance and regulations.. 

The federal government seems to love to burden small businesses with requirements relating to their benefit plans for employees. Although some are limited to companies with 50 or more employees (FMLA) or 20 (COBRA), the majority apply to businesses with as few as 2. How is a small business owner supposed to keep their heads above this and still do the things that keep the doors open? We have the solution in our multi point compliance package that we provide. We not only evaluate which regulations apply to your business, but we also put in place the necessary documents and provide any training required for your staff. For COBRA compliance we even provide a professional administrator as well as a professional HR service to keep you abreast of upcoming changes.

We assist with your company’s transition.

We assist with your company’s transition into what we call the “winning insurance bid”. We install your plan the right way…the first time around…and even take care of getting credit to your employees for pre-deductibles met during the year. We handle service, billing, enrollment, claim, id card problems etc…so you don’t have to. We are more than your agent, we are your advocate.

We look for costly complacency issues.

We truly provide benefit review and professional human resource assistance to meet the employer/employee insurance needs of businesses in Utah.  We are licensed and appointed by reputable insurance carriers to enroll and administer coverage for applicants applying for health and other benefit policies.  We also provide full insurance administration and compliance services at no additional cost.  We can easily be your HR assistant, or at the very least an extension of your HR department for employee interaction and fulfillment.  This is a very different arrangement compared to  insurance agencies who are only there to sell a policy.  We have found that situation to be a systemic model fueled by complacency which drives poor customer experience as well as increased insurance costs.  We keep you compliant with ACA regulations as well as many other federal employment laws such as ERISA and HIPAA.  We can easily take over the management of your existing benefit plan, and once again, the services we provide come to you at no additional cost.   Your current agent gets paid well.   The question for you to ask is if you are receiving value in return.

BenefitsManager.net offers health insurance plan comparisons & quotes between all available Utah licensed carriers.  As our valued client, you’ll appreciate our unbiased approach to insurance quotes for your business — healthy competition means better products and services at lower prices for you.  Complacency kills businesses and we guarantee to find and eliminate those costs.