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Utah Temporary Health Insurance Coverage & ID Cards in 10 Minutes!
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How it works


You choose a maximum out of pocket for your 12 month deductible! There are 250, 500, 1000, & 2500 deductibles available.

  • The plan is simple & gimmick free. This utah temporary health insurance coverage is quality and licensed by Utah State Insurance Board

Letís say you pick the 250 deductible option. You meet the first $250 of medical expenses such as doctor office visits, hospital bills, surgery, major prescriptions, etc.  Any medical expenses incurred beyond that you pay only 20% & the insurance covers the rest!  Basically, this is called a traditional 80/20 plan w/ deductible.


The coverage is temporary when we say "Utah Temporary Health Insurance".  But what does "temporary" mean?  You can keep it active as long or as short as you like. You may need it for just a few months or several years. You decide how long you need to fuel this insurance vehicle by monthly payment arrangements.  When you stop paying monthly premium the coverage simply stops!
Is this plan for you? 
  • Yes it would fit nicely if you are?

1.       You need to control how long you would like to keep it effective & do not want to commit beyond a month to month aspect.

2.       In-between jobs & you want to escape high cobra rates.

3.       College student.

4.       Self employed.

5.       You do not have any major pre-existing health condition such as terminal illness, high maintained medications, currently pregnant, etc.  Call or email me specific questions about your health condition if I haven't addressed it.

  • Not for you if you are!

1.       Medicare eligible.  See our Medicare Supplement programs.

2.       Currently pregnant.  See our maternity program.

3.       You have a pending surgery or been advised to have a pending surgery.

4.       You have insurance coverage now for expensive maintained medications to treat high blood pressure, diabetes or disease of some sort.

5.       You have had heart disease in the past.



Questions & Answers

1.       Question: What doctor and hospital can I use?  Answer: This is a traditional plan which allows you to use any doctor or hospital.  If the doctor accepts any of these networks found here you get a discount and the doctor will file the claim for you.  If the doctor isn't part of those panels just send the claims to my office for process.

2.       Question: Why is this plan so much less expensive than other utah temporary health insurance or other insurance plans found on your site as well as other insurance sites?  Answer:  1st, insurance rates are regulated by the state insurance department. Nobody can offer you a lower rate than what I can because the state regulates these rates.  2ndly, step into the shoes of an underwriter for a moment and think like one as I proceed here.  The public needs a less expensive program, so how do I (as an underwriter) design a plan that does not cheat actuarial tables that predict risk & necessary premiums?  You design a plan to accommodate a large populace of healthy individuals.  You design it to provide coverage for health conditions that happen after the insuredís effective date.  You design it not to cover prior health conditions.  This lowers the risk and transference of "load" to your premiums that you have to charge everyone.

3.       Question:  Isn't that unfair for people that have bad health?  Answer:  Yes, but it is also unfair to charge a larger populace of healthy individuals a higher premium because of the fewer unhealthy.  Remember, there are other insurance programs available for individuals with serious health conditions with in my web site and their state of residence.

4.       Question:  How would my prescriptions be covered?  Answer:  This "type" of policy provides coverage for major prescriptions that you have not used before.  It is applied towards the deductible than you pay 20% of any difference assuming you havenít met the deductible.  This policy DOES NOT cover pre-existing medications.  Check my site for other policies that will possibly provide coverage.  Keep in mind the premiums will be more than this type of policy.

5.       Question:  I see this policy provides coverage period of a maximum of 6 months.  What if I want to extend the coverage beyond that?  Answer:  You simple re-apply at the end of your 6 month term on my web site for another 6 month term.  Remember you control how long or short you keep this policy because you pay for it from month to month.  The insurance company gives you a 6 month term for your deductible and no rate change.  New IDs will arrive shortly after you reapply.

6.       Question:  If I reapply for a new term than, would I have to meet a new deductible?  Answer: Yes you would because it is a new 6 month policy.

7.       Question:  Will the rates change when I reapply?  Answer:  The rates could be different but not by a large margin. Remember, this policy is designed to be low cost.

8.       Question:  What happens if I get pregnant while on this policy?  Answer:  This policy does not provide basic or regular maternity coverage.  You would need to apply for a different program at the time of conception.  We have many options available.

9.       Question:  What if I have a life threatening disease that develops in the 6th month of the policy and I need to reapply?  Won't I be declined now?  Answer:  Yes you would be declined with this type of plan.  We would need you to apply with another program and we assist you with that.

10.  Question:  What if I am disabled during the time of the policy?  Answer:  You can extend the policy up to 12 months.



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