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Top Seven Things You Should Know When Buying a Policy!

Seek the assistance of a company appointed agent that is independent! Contrary to popular belief, you don't pay an insurance agent any fees nor does your policy run more than what your monthly premium would be when dealing directly with a carrier. It does not cost you anything more on your policy premiums. You will actually save significant money when using a agent.  The terminology "insurance agent" is not the same thing as "reality agent". Your reality agent gets a % of the sell of your home. Your insurance agent is appointed and paid a commission fee by the insurance carrier to take care of you.  Insurance companies prefer working with agents because of established training and requirement protocols needed with the application process. You might want to think of us as your "professional chauffer" that knows the inns and outs of a busy insurance highway to deliver you to the best deal possible!  Some agents such as myself are electronically hooked up to underwriters to process cases more efficiently. We know what is expected, meet the various requirements and know what to ask from underwriters to assure you a fair look.
A knowledgeable and experienced agent is important to get you the very best possible rate. Many times there are situations with an applicant that could waiver an underwriter from raising your rate up or down. We know the system and what to ask for!  We pride ourselves in spending the necessary time in supporting you...the applicant!
What our competition doesn't want you to know!


  • An experienced agent has a full customer service support staff behind them. It is in your best interest to deal with a large local agent that has full time dedicated claim & customer service representatives to assist you. It is critical to have a knowledgeable claims rep. that can assist you with claims that have not been properly paid. See "About Us". Most insurance web sites are geared to only sell and not service.  A good claim manager can get it fixed in less than 48 hours.
  • Unlike many insurance sites, you DO NOT type in your personal health history over cyberspace to apply for & purchase insurance. Nor is our site a marketing company that sells your information to eager sales reps.
  • Our online insurance applications get approved faster, safer and with fewer declines due to common errors associated when "keying" in responses to questions through cyberspace. We use the OFFICIAL CARRIER APPLICATION that you download and actually interact w/ on your PC brought to you by Adobe PDF programming.
Know the health conditions of you and your family members. If there are many health conditions of a serious nature than the more important it is to get geared towards making a case to insure you with an underwriter. The more medical information you gather such as medical records, current prognosis, current medications, planned treatments, pending procedures, etc, will greatly aid you in approving favorable rates if you fall into what underwriters call "high risk" category. We lay out a complete medical snap shot of your medical demographics to an underwriter. The more homework done the better an underwriter feels about releasing approval!
If you are a single employee of a corporation or self employed. Consider taking advantage of HSA or HRA accounts and Cafeteria plans. These are deeper discounts (not in premium rates) with tax savings that we can offer at reasonable fees.
If you have a complex medical history then ask us to help you apply with a minimum of two insurance companies at the same time. This is a highly effective method to encourage market competition for your case. It only takes a matter of minutes to complete a 2nd application and it can save you money.
Do not cancel any existing coverage until the insurance company you are applying with has approved you officially. Once approved please don't forget to cancel your existing policy. We are not permitted to cancel your existing plan. We can assist you in placing the effective date near or at your other policy's termination date so that you don't go without coverage. You do not want to let your coverage show a lapse of greater than 63 days because this will cause you to have a full 12-month pre-existing clause.


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