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What we do..........specifically


We create a "rate spreadsheet" of available health & dental insurance carrier rates. The insurance rates will reflect the approved rates for the overall health conditions of your employees' demographics.  Meaning it just won't be a "quote".  It will be "guaranteed quote".  There is a big difference between a "regular quote" and a "guaranteed quote".  A "regular quote" is just a basic rate. A "guaranteed quote" is what you need to know up front that reflects the carrier's commitment to cover your employees. We do the necessary homework in personally meeting with the various underwriters to "make your case" and submit you optimally for the very best price.  We'll rank the carriers in order of importance, to help you decipher which carrier is the best for the benefit level you are looking for. This really makes your job easier!


Review the Top Offers: After your review of the "rate spreadsheet" that will come to you via email.  You will be able to identify at least two favorable insurance carriers.  We than take the second step and help you decide (if necessary) which plans will provide the detailed coverage you expect. 

3.jpg We assist with your company's transition into the "winning insurance policy bid" to assure proper set up of all pre-existing credits due to you and assure nobody suffers penalty through the change process.  "Pre-existing credits" refer to items such as pre-existing conditions.  We also set up your required documents for HHS regulations. Documents such as ERISA, COBRA notifications, HIPAA, and of course assist you in determining SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH CARE TAX CREDITS.

   Have you consider appointing us to get control of your benefits and prices? <Download Request>


    Learn if you qualify for SMALL BUSINESS HEALTH CARE TAX CREDITS through the new Health Care Reform Bills (H.B 3590 & 4872). Tax credits could be as much as 35% of the premium you pay. So get better rates now through our quotes or with your current plan. We'll give you a FREE in-depth quotes of your situation and spreadsheet several offers from insurance carriers. We specialize in connecting you the right way that saves you time and money! 











One Idea We Will Quote You:

  • $15 Doctor copay
  • $10 Rx copay
  • $150 Er
  • $250 Hospital Deductible

Other Ideas:

  • HSA Plans
  • 100% Coverage Plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Disability Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans


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