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Thank You For Choosing "TDA" Group Plan! We can do the following for YOU!


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Group Information

Utah Health DentalHelp you get better renewal rates than what you get now.  Are you getting double digit increases each year?  We know how to keep your renewal rates low!  Let us manage your renewals and save you money!  We guarantee satisfaction.
Help you obtain better coverage with your current insurance carrier. Are you frustrated with lack of response, results or care from your current agent or carrier? Do you have coverage issues that seem difficult to get resolved? We pride ourselves in fixing numerous problems that occurs.
• Help get your claims paid.  Do you have unpaid claims that you can’t seem to get covered?  Have you been turned into collection agencies?  We know we are the best in getting results with unpaid claims! 
• Resolving frustrating issues w/ administration.  Do your billings show errors that can’t seem to get fixed?   Are your new hires being set up for coverage on the wrong effective dates?  Having problems getting supplies?  Id cards wrong? Overwhelmed with questions from employees?  Send all these issues to us for we love to handle them!

Group Rates



  Plan Quotes Reflect A Monthly Rate




            THE DENTAL ECLIPSE (Individual or Group)                     PREMIUMS

·         Voluntary                                                                                                      Employee                               $4.00

·         No Maximums or Deductibles                                                                    Employee + 1                        $6.00

·         Preventative/Diagnostic Services - $50 co-pay                                      Employee + 2 or more          $8.00

·         All Other Services Discounted by 30% - 40%

·         May be offered on an individual basis - call for details




TOTAL CARE PLAN TC-3000 (Groups of 10 or more)          PREMIUMS

·         Voluntary                                                                                                      Employee                               $14.99

·         100% Coverage on Preventative/Diagnostic Services                           Employee + 1                        $29.97

·         No Maximums or Deductibles                                                                    Employee + 2 or more          $49.54

·         Comprehensive Specialty Care Benefit




TDA-COMPANION PLAN Indemnity (Groups of 5 or more) PREMIUMS

·         Voluntary                                                                                                      Employee                               $27.64*

·         At least 30% of all eligible employees must enroll                                 Employee + 1                        $53.95*

·         Dual choice available with TC-1000 or TC-3000                                      Employee + 2                        $62.54*

·         Twelve-month waiting period applies to Class III Services.                 Employee + 3 or more          $83.36*

·         Credit will be given for employees covered for 12 months under the plan being replaced, if applicable.


CUSTOM CHOICE Indemnity/PPO (Groups of 10 to 24)       PREMIUMS               

·         Employer Contribution Required                                                               Employee                               $23.29**

                      (75% of the Employee’s Premium)                                                               Employee + 2 or more          $67.96**

·         At Least 75% of All Eligible Employees Must Enroll                            

·         Employees Can Receive Services From Any Dentist                             Employee                               $23.29**

·         100/90/60 In-Network, 100/80/50 Out-of-Network                   Employee + 1                       $45.60**

·         Twelve-month waiting period applies to Class III Services.                 Employee + 2 or more          $74.84**

                Credit will be given for employees covered for 12 months under the plan being replaced, if applicable.

TDA-PPO - Indemnity/PPO (Groups of 25 or more)               Request a Quote!         

·         Groups with more than 25 employees must be submitted for                                                              


·         Dual choice options available


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