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UPP (Utah's Premium Partnership For Health Insurance)

UPP (pronounced "up") partners with uninsured individuals and families to share
the cost of employer sponsored health insurance.


  • U.S. Citizen or legal resident
  • Be a Utah resident
  • Under the age 65
  • Household income up to 150% of federal poverty level for adults, up to
    200% for children
  • Not have health insurance
  • Have health insurance available through their employer
  • The cost of their least expensive employer-sponsored health insurance
    is greater than 5% of their countable household income
  • Do not qualify for Medicaid
  • Do not have access to Medicare or Veterans benefits
  • Employer must pay at least 50 percent of the cost of the health insurance premium of the employee (no employer contribution is required for spouse or dependents)
  • Employer must certify that they offer a health plan that covers physician visits, hospital inpatient services, pharmacy, well child visits, and children's immunizations
  • Lifetime maximum benefits are at least $1,000,000
  • The deductible is no more than $1,000 per individual
  • The plan pays at least 70% of an inpatient stay after the deductible


Simply contact us by completing this form. Be sure to include in comments if you have group health insurance and which carrier your company has. NOTE: request must come from the employer, HR director, or manager of company benefits. Enter <here>