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    Note: Coverage is not available if you are currently pregnant.






Child Photo disclaimer is of actual client whom parents have given permission to display photo.

Don't be caught without maternity health insurance!






Medical bill was in excess of $500,000 as of the date of photo for premature baby.

Michael Oliphant, our agent, is proud to bring coverage to Utah residents needing maternity insurance. It has finally arrived! The problem with obtaining maternity insurance in the past was that you were faced with maternity deductibles anywhere from $5000 to $7500 from carriers such as ALTIUS, Regence BlueCross BlueShield and SelectHealth/IHC. That may be fine if you are not planning for pregnancy...but the benefit level just isn't there if you need that specific benefit.

Maternity Benefits

100% Insurance Coverage!

Non Participating Hospital or Doctor Benefits
Maternity Deductible: You choose from the plans we quote.  Deductibles starting from $1000.  Once you meet your deductible all maternity expenses covered at 100%

If you doctor is not listed. You still have coverage. Your deductible becomes $1,000 more than 60 / 40 coverage.

Complications of Pregnancy: You pay your chosen deductible than Assurant Health Insurance pays 100% of remaining covered expenses.  
Regular Vaginal Delivery: You pay your chosen deductible than Assurant Health Insurance pays 100% of remaining covered expenses..  There is no other coverage available that is reputable or that we will endorse.  
Routine newborn care: included  
2,000,000 Lifetime maximum benefit per person  
Health Insurance Benefits Include:  
Preventative Care - 100%  
Mental Health  
$25 copay for primary physicians
Hospital coverage is 80/20 for non maternity related expenses.
100% coverage for maternity related expenses.
Prescription Coverages Include:  
$15 copay for generic
$35 copay for name brand
$55 copay for Non Formulary