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IHC group health insurance - We'll Do The Following For You


IHC HEALTH PLANS provides quality coverage for all of Utah employers and employees.  You must be a Utah based company  to qualify for the direct carrier pricing that we quote.   IHC HEALTH PLANS does extend  benefits to family members out of state attending college or on a LDS mission.  IHC also provides world wide coverage in the event of a "limb" or "life threatening" emergency situation.  Please call us for details.  Remember, we provide you with life time service with IHC health insurance!

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Free quote reflecting your group specific information. 
We will give you an in-depth analysis of your unique situation and spreadsheet several offers from insurance carriers.  Every employer has different needs so we specialize in connecting you the right way that saves you time and money!
Request a quote now!


Help you get better renewal rates than what you get now
Are you getting double digit increases each year?  We know how to keep your renewal rates low through carrier competition!  Let us manage your renewals and save you money!  We guarantee satisfaction.


Help you obtain better coverage with your current insurance carrier.
Are you frustrated with lack of response or results from your current agent or carrier? Do you have coverage issues that seem difficult to get resolved? We pride ourselves in fixing numerous problems that occurs. Going to IHC Health Plans solves these problems.


Resolving frustrating issues w/ administration. 
Considering IHC HEALTH PLANS resolves these problems with their unique online service portal. Consider this with our personalized service brings weight to your benefits table!

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