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Thank You For Choosing IHC HEALTH PLANS - Enrolling is easy! 

 Lets Get Started


Choose which download Enrollment Application you prefer to use.
The intelligent interactive application will contain buttons on it to answer common questions and instruct you what to do.  Just find the "Read Me" buttons and follow the directions.




Mail your original completed application to our office.
We will then meet with the underwriter on your behalf to submit your application.  Please feel free to include a letter detailing any concerns that you would like us to cover with underwriting.


Do Not Cancel Your Existing Insurance . . . . . .
until you have received written approval from IHC underwriting department that will state your effective date and policy number.  Approval of your submitted application is not guaranteed and certain stipulations may apply.



Frequently Asked Questions



If your having trouble downloading the forms or trouble printing. Please email a request to have the kit sent by mail.


 I have a question to email and need help


 Here's A Few Tips To help The Process


oa.gif#1 To get the best deal, apply with at least 2 carriers. Because we are located in Utah, we have home court advantage! Our system fosters competition for your business and it's free!  After the dust settles, you simply pick the best bargain!
Check your email immediately or your home mailbox in a few days for copies of what you'll see. (LOOK FOR>mikeoliphant@benefitsmanager.net). This alleviates you from having to complete the quoting steps again! Our informational packets will act as your guide. They'll be customized personally for you in benefit and pricing.






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Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have

  Not only do we set you up with Intermountain HealthCare but we also provide you with full service at no charge to you.

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