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IHC HEALTH PLANS is proudly represented in Utah by BenefitsManager.net who provides IHC health quotes on our comprehensive Web Site – www.benefitsmanager.net. Our website is locally located at Layton, Utah.

To request health insurance quotes for an Individual, family or self employed health insurance policy.

To request group health insurance quotes for small to large group of employees.

SelectHealth / IHC excites us, because, based in Salt Lake City, is a charitable, nonprofit health care system that serves the medical and health care needs of Utah and Idaho residents. At IHC, doctors, hospitals and health plans work together cooperatively to provide high-quality, affordable health care for anyone with a medical need. As a nonprofit organization, all money collected by IHC is returned to the community in the form of improved facilities, better services and lower patient charges. As a result all IHC HEALTH PLANS quotes are competitive.

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IHC Rating & Market Reputation Locally in Utah

Our Assessment of IHC Health Plan's Strengths

  • They own both the hospital system and the insurance company.  Your claims are integrated with universal software and database management which means you will most likely NOT suffer a claim problem.

  • They currently are competitive in the small group employer segment. 

  • Their individual and family health insurance plans are competitive with large family households.

  • They have a very sophisticated online portal for both members of IHC and their agent partners.  We are very impressed with the capability of their online service when considering their smaller national size in comparison to United Health Care, Humana, Aetna, and Pacific Care. These are some of the national carriers we deal with that have very sophisticated systems which equals smooth claims.


  • We feel they will continue to be a major competitor in group segments.

  • We feel they will continue to be a competitor in individual and family health insurance policies.

  • We hope their underwriting model will continue to develop new ideas along the way of eCommerce business.

  • We are very pleased with the friendly interface with the underwriting system.  They rival the some systems of much larger carriers we deal with on a national basis outside of Utah.

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