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Health Savings Account
Year 2007

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What is it?

Eligible Individual

Minimum Annual Deductible (for 2007 indexed for inflation)

Maximum Out-Of-Pocket Expense Limit (for 2007 indexed)


Key Legal Requirements

NOTE: The insurance policy can pay no benefits (except for preventive care), including for Rx, until the deductible has been satisfied. (No embedded individual deductibles on family coverage). The IRS has issued a "safe harbor" definition, saying it includes, but is not limited to:

  1. periodic health evaluations, such as annual physicals (and the tests / diagnostics)
  2. procedures ordered in conjunction with such evaluations
  3. well-baby and well-child care
  4. immunization for adults and children
  5. tobacco cessation and obesity weight-loss programs
  6. screening devices (see notice 2004-23)

NOTE:  You can have other insurance that is "permitted" by the IRS in conjunction with HSAs.

  1. Workers compensation
  2. Tort liabilities
  3. liabilities relating to ownership or use of real property
  4. Insurance that pays a fixed amount per day of hospitalization
  5. Accident coverage
  6. Disability coverage
  7. Dental coverage
  8. Vision coverage
  9. Long term care coverage
  10. Many EAPs, disease management and wellness programs should not prevent HSAs eligibility