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Please Contact Us For Claims Assistance 

We pride ourselves in having the very best claims service. We know things can be confusing and frustrating when trying to sort out claim paying problems. Please review the following carefully to guide you in the proper email request to assist you efficiently and quickly

Check These Guidelines First



You must be a current client whom we wrote your insurance policy. Your policy must be in force or we cannot service your claim problem.


There are no fees to service current in force clients.


If you are not a current client whom we wrote your insurance policy or if your insurance policy has never been managed by us.  Utah Healthwe can still help you.

If you fall under Guideline #1 please choose the email link below that best describes your situation.  Please be very clear with the description of your problem.  To begin with, we will need dates of medical procedures, your insurance card ID #, and the name of the insurance carrier insuring you to identify generalities.  We will contact you via email to request additional information.  Response to your problem is usually same day but be aware that large claims may take time to sort out.


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