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Altius Health Plans is well known among Utah Health Insurance Companies. But do you know where the name comes from? Does it have any significance as you chose insurance companies?

Letís look it up in the dictionary and we find the following:

From the Latin Altius;              

high, on high, from above, loftily

So, Altius is a Latin word suggesting "something higher." In fact the word Altius is the central theme in the modern Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger).

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Tanner Clinic
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Allen Memorial - Moab
San Juan County - Monticello



Altius Health Plan is a name well suited for a company that is absolutely committed to the highest standards in its products, people and service. Altiusí vision is to be the premier health plan in Utah, providing superior customer service to all of its partners - members, providers, employer groups, and agents.

Altius Health Plans is truly a company looking to move higher - higher in service, higher in product offerings, and higher in financial stability for the Utah health insurance market. Given its local operation and focus, its financial backing by Coventry, and its range of plan offerings, it is a good choice for your health insurance needs.

Altius Health Plans is proudly represented by BenefitsManager.net. Explore this page to see if Altius Health Plan is the Utah health insurance company for you.

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Altius Rating & Market Reputation Locally in Utah

altius health plans BenefitsManager.net report (Update 3-30-05)

Altius strengths

  • Large group quotes over 25 employees are where they are the most competitive.
  • Small group quotes although higher have better renewal rates.
  • They have the best prescription plan in the market currently.  Larger coverage spectrum.
  • Superior coverage in both prescriptions and individual / family plans.
  • Altius is currently developing a health care savings account and a health care reimbursement account to plug into their plan designs. 


  • Utah health insurance market really needs a third competitor.  In this market it is extremely difficult to compete against other insurance  systems that both owns the hospital / doctor network as well as insurance carrier. Coventry has purchased majority of ALTIUS and is now controlling entity. It is our hopes that they recognize the leadership of Altius and potential of the Utah market they clearly understand.
  • Coventry can position Altius strategically to be a real player and assure market competition in Utah. 
  • We feel that they are viewed as "quality" irregardless of the minor problems in bringing market price competition and better service to Utah. This appears to be in development and there are sincere indications of applying.
  • The Altius entity on the benefit and claim management side has always demonstrated concern to do the "right thing".  This can be very uncommon among insurance carriers in general.  We hope that quality will continue to shine forth through Coventry.




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