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Altius Health Plan – From on High?

Altius Health Plan is proudly represented by Benefits Manager, but where did that name come from and does it have any significance as you chose insurance companies?

Altius, what does it mean? Let's explore ...

From the Latin Altius;              
high, on high, from above, loftily

 Altius is a Latin word suggesting "something higher." In fact the word Altius is the central theme in the modern Olympic motto Citius, Altius, Fortius (faster, higher, stronger).

Altius Health Plan is a name well suited for a company that is absolutely committed to the highest standards in its products, people and service. Altius’ vision is to be the premier health plan provider in Utah, providing superior customer service to all of its partners - members, providers, employer groups, and agents.


Altius began operations on September 30, 1998, when the principals of Altius acquired PacifiCare of Utah. The health plan’s history dates back nearly thirty years. PacifiCare operated the plan for a short time in 1997-98 after acquiring FHP Healthcare. FHP of Utah had built a successful staff model HMO, insured 200,000 Utahans and consistently posted positive earnings.

In 2003, Altius was acquired by Coventry Health Care - a managed health care company based in Bethesda, Maryland operating health plans and insurance companies serving 3.1 million members in a broad cross section of employer and government-funded groups in 14 markets throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast United States.


As a Potential Customer, Why do I care?

Altius will continue offering health care benefits in Utah as Altius Health Plans. Local management will continue operating the plan and will maintain its offices in Utah.

Coventry is highly regarded for its financial strength and outstanding record for growth. As a result Altius will meet financial reserves required by the Utah Insurance Department and will eliminate its outstanding debt. The deal broadens and strengthens the safety net insuring Altius members.

This acquisition will build upon the strong Altius foundation to continue to bring high quality and affordable health care coverage to Utah residents, and the highest level of service to its members and provider customers.


Altius offers a very wide range of products to meet the needs of Utah employers and individual's and their families. Products include but are not limited to:

Peak Advantage - a unique plan featuring total choice of all health care providers.

Peak Plans - which feature open-access, no referral products that can include a split co-pay.

Mountain Plans - which are designed for a cost sensitive client and feature Primary Care Physicians.

Traditional Plans - for employers looking for a traditional approach to health care benefits with deductibles and coinsurance.

Individual Plans - individual coverage.

Two Provider Networks - Premier with 2800 providers and Exclusive with 1700 providers.

Wellness Programs and Value-Added Services

Plan members also benefit from services like health risk appraisals, an online coached fitness program, health education, discounts on dental care, vision, cosmetic surgeries and more.

In Summary…

Altius is truly a company with a vision looking to move higher - higher in service, higher in product offerings, and higher in financial stability for the Utah health insurance market. Given its local operation and focus, its financial backing by Coventry, and its range of plan offerings, it is a good choice for your health insurance needs.

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