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Can this New Health Insurance Conglomerate Deliver?

W/ More Choices!


Why there is "HOPE" on the horizon

American Medical Security recently merged with PacifiCare (finalized in 1st quarter of 2005) which made them one of the top 5 health insurance carriers in the United States at that time.  American Medical Security retained it's corporate name because of name recognition as leader in individual policy market.  On June 1st 2005, American Medical Security reached agreements with BenefitsManager.net in product design, underwriting process and competitive pricing for Utah and Texas based clients.  On July 6th, 2005 United Health Care Group announced purchase of PacifiCare.  This combination is now the largest health insurance conglomerate in the United States insuring over 55 million individuals.  We have worked with American Medical Security, PacifiCare and United Health Care over the last 15 years in various states and can only reflect on the many positive experiences we and thousands of clients have had with them.  They truly hold the interest of their policy holders at heart.  I can personally reference many examples where these carriers stepped up and went beyond what their policy contract called for to help people.  I have never been embarrassed by how these carriers treat our policy holders! Before doing so please read this next section to address your specific situation.

See how this affects you specifically

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Individual policy holders! American Medical Security (AMS) and Intermountain Health Care work together to deliver you the best of both worlds here in Utah. The strength and fair play of a large national carrier coupled with one of the leading medical providers in the nation are located right here in Utah.  On June 1st 2005, American Medical Security reached agreements with BenefitsManager.net in product design, underwriting process and competitive pricing for Utah and Texas based clients.  Membership of TNI alone gives you a leg up in group for individual health insurance.  Remember, your rates are discounted the larger the group you belong too (Over 7 million members with AMS/TNI. 55 million members now combined with United Health Care Group merger).

Our clients may check health insurance rates today to see if better pricing is available through our relationship with American Medical Security <Enter>.

Your ID card with American Medical Security will be IHC.  There are no claim forms to file and you have acceptance and immediate access to any of the IHC providers, hospitals or facilities just as if you were insured by IHC Health Plans insurance company.  As I understand it, in 2006, IHC has announced plans to disallow competing health insurance carriers direct access to their specified panels. However, it also allows competing carriers to directly contact and contract doctors and hospitals. I believe that will have a positive impact in lower premiums and happier doctors whom may benefit from competing fee schedules and larger patient panels. I suspect this was influenced by senate bill 34. Basically the larger the carrier the more competitive your pricing will be in premiums!

Check to see if your doctor is available today <Enter>.

Note:  Your doctor may or may not be found in the directory.  This doesn't mean that they do not accept coverage.  It is always best to call your provider and ask if they accept IHC. 

Compare to see if American Medical Security is right for you.

Review this Comparison Chart.











Financial Rating A- B- A- B+ A-
12 Month Rate Guarantee Yes No No No No
Application Approval Ratio 70% 45% 44% 45% 95%
1-2 days 4-5 working days 4-5 working days 4-5 working days Instant

National Doctor






Doctor Network 

80% of Utah 75% of Utah Any

Pre-Existing Conditions Covered

Yes - no prior coverage required Contingent
upon prior coverage
upon prior coverage
upon prior coverage
HSA Plans See video Yes Yes No Depends
Their  MedOne Plus 100% IHC Med Blue
$20 / 20%
250 Deductible

24-Hour Customer Service

Yes No No No Yes
Vision Yes Yes No Yes No
Dental Insurance Available? Yes No No No No
Maternity Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Available Yes Yes Yes No


As you are considering purchasing health  insurance, here are some important tips to consider and be aware of...

Tip Click here to view a spreadsheet comparing strengths among featured local carriers.



Employers or decision makers involved in group health insurance!  United Health Care has promised BenefitsManager.net resolution in delivering flexible choices with new affordable group health insurance policies.  Underwriting has made it very clear and made invitation to our readers to match or offer better pricing structures through BenefitsManager.net.  Any employer interested in seeking competition with what they currently have in place should contact me as soon as possible.  I believe with the size of 55 million insureds under their belt now....that in the very least in matching your current rate and benefit level they will deliver better service with lower priced renewals in the long run. This is good news for the Utah market which I feel is stagnant with lack of competition.

Although we must commend and applaud Regence BlueCross BlueShield with lower renewals averaging 6% with our current clients thus far this year.  You must maintain your status with BenefitsManager.net.  We are also very encouraged by our recent meeting with ALTIUS health plans.  They really want to be competitive on every scale and proved how they can do it.

I would encourage you to contact me now or when your renewal is up to discuss how we can harness these tools to improve your situation...