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Have you been rated up or declined for health insurance? There is help available to secure a reputable health insurance policy! To understand your problem is to understand health insurance regulations. They allow insurance carriers to decline and or rate up pricing for private health insurance based upon certain health conditions which cause you to be deemed uninsurable.  This is very much different than employer offered insurance which is controlled by federal laws that prohibit denial of coverage for health conditions. Most people get stuck in this "denial jam" if they are between jobs or self employed. The good news is that coverage is available EVEN with carriers that may have declined you already. NOTE: This policy may not cover pre-existing conditions.  One recommendation will be where to secure health insurance in Utah through either "private carriers" or "state based programs".

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Utah Health Insurance Terminologies:

What is "Certificate of Creditable Coverage"? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly know as HIPPA, requires health plans to provide a "certificate of credible coverage" to individuals whose coverage is ending, or to anyone who requests such a certificate. As the InterM policy provides coverage for a specified period, the certificate of creditable coverage below confirms the date your InterM coverage is effective and indicates the termination date you have selected for your coverage.

What is "High risk health insurance"? You can define this in several ways such as coverage obtainable from three sources. Source 1 would be from a COBRA policy. COBRA policy is usually expensive with the trade off being that your medical conditions are covered for at least 18 months. From a underwriters perspective, COBRA is a high risk insurer proposition because of the carrier being locked into liability of claim payments for 18 months. Most COBRA premiums run around $900 per month for a middle aged family. Source 2 would be with the Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool (HIPUtah), which is a state subsidized high risk insurance pool. You would qualify for HIPUtah if you didn't have access to a private or other public health insurance policy. A private insurer or HIPUtah will declare you "uninsurable" by using specific underwriting criteria. The premium for the HIPUtah is based on an individuals age and benefit option but the average premium is about $450 per month per family member whom is determined to be uninsurable. Only the uninsurable family members will be issued a policy through this program. THE BENEFITS OF HIPUTAH IS THAT THEY COVER PRE-X CONDITIONS UPON MEETING CERTAIN CRITERIA such as prior health coverage that has not lapsed beyond defined time frame.  In addition there is a premium assistance program available if you meet certain requirements.  The other insurable family members could secure a policy through channels such as ALTIUS, SelectHealth and Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah. HIPUtah has four deductible options ($500, 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 (HSA compatible) with 80/20 coinsurance with the exception of the 5,000 deductible plan. Source 3 would be a INTERIM or SHORT TERM policy. Typically the coverage is very low priced if the insured agrees to accept no coverage for prior medical conditions for the health conditions that caused "declined health insurance". The trade off is beneficial for people that are not being actively treated for the medical condition that caused the decline. You have to understand that logic does not apply with an normal healthy person being declined for a medical condition or use of prescriptions in the past. The insurance regulations allow these declinations. Many people can actually secure a reputable health insurance policy to cover them for everything else and elevate the risk of going "Uninsurable". We can make recommendations of getting prescription coverage as long as you take the responsible step of securing a health insurance policy to hedge off financial disaster.

We do not offer or endorse anything like these programs below.

What "High risk health insurance" IS NOT! Basically any type of indemnity insurance policy. Many reputable carriers such as AFLAC and ALLSTATE offer these. They are normally called hospital plans, accident plans, cancer policies, etc. These are not functioning health insurance policies! They only pay a limited and or specified amount of money per occurrence. They will not cover the costs of treatments or the bills associated. Unfortunately much mis-representation takes place in the market of how these policies actually work.

Discount health plans are dangerous and currently under investigation by the Utah State Insurance Department. We must make it clear that these type of plans are NOT insurance. They only give you access to a limited doctor panel that will agree to treat you at a discounted rate. Currently there are several entities making claims that it is an insurance policy which in fact they are not and they have not been approved so by the Utah State Insurance Department. These discount health plans do not meet the basic definition of insurance policy. Nor do they provide coverage for medical conditions or the definition here in.