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This questionnaire will help in determining what underwriting class you may be eligible for. Please keep in mind that this is only a tool and will not be used to underwrite or issue your coverage.

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18 and above $100,000 and above


About NACOLAHHistory

North American's home office in Chicago.

North American's home office in Chicago.
Mission Statement

Be a leader in providing protection-oriented life insurance products and services that offer superior value to consumers.

History and Purpose

Since 1886, Chicago-based North American Company for Life and Health Insurance has established a tradition of producing quality insurance products. North American's product line is marketed in 49 states and the District of Columbia.

North American is a product-driven company that provides protection oriented life insurance of superior value to the consumer. With a variety of competitive term products and sophisticated universal life plans available, North American's product portfolio allows consumers to purchase the life insurance plan best suited to their individual needs. Exceptional rates and value place North American among the industry's term insurance leaders.