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#1 To get the best deal, apply with Altius and one other carrier. Our system fosters competition for your business and it's free!  After the dust settles, you simply pick the best bargain! Best yet, we are licensed to be your local contact for service at no charge to you!
Check your email immediately or your home mailbox in a few days for copies of what you'll see. (LOOK FOR> This alleviates you from having to complete quoting steps again to get prices! These informational packets will act as your guide. They'll be customized for you personally in benefit and pricing.

We guarantee you access to an policy with an effective date (only exception is current pregnancy). This is a free service to you that helps us help you.


NOTE: Your information is confidential. It is our highest priority to protect your information. Under federal HIPPA laws, insurance companies or any medical based entity cannot sell or distribute any information without your prior written consent on a verifiable original signed document. You can be assured that the information you submit is for the purpose of obtaining a quote and will be treated as such private information under federal HIPPA laws.
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  • FREE policy setup, lifetime policy service, renewal price shopping, and claim assistance.
  • Direct carrier rates meaning you can be confident the rates offered you are the lowest rates available anywhere guaranteed.  
  • A local website that is the oldest and one of the largest health insurance informational portals.
  • Professional and courteous service for fast approval.